Reaper MIDI Resources

I own several DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation), Logic Pro X (Mac only), Avid Pro Tools (an older version), FL Studio, Cakewalk/Roland Sonar Producer, Sony Acid Pro 7 and Studio One. However, my favorite is REAPER followed by Logic Pro X.

Reaper is excellent for audio recording and editing and fine for MIDI too. Reaper has a very reasonable license cost and offers an uncrippled 60-day full demo. Reaper has great documentation and active forum. The parent company is Cockos, Inc. More information and downloads are at

The following is original content by Joel Sampson, Djembe Studios.

MIDI patches and banks for the ReaControlMIDI VST

I use a lot of external MIDI (and audio) gear. And that's why this work was created, to allow quick access to multiple banks and patches. The free ReaControlMIDI VST, developed by Reaper, makes it easy.


Download the free Reaper VST suite at ReaPlugs VST FX Suite. These VSTs will work with any modern Windows DAW. The suite includes the ReaControlMIDI VST used for the following sets of patches and banks. It also includes eight other useful VSTs, such as compressors, an EQ, delay and more. The Reaper DAW includes these with the standard download.


I wrote a five page manual on how to use MIDI and reabanks and how to create your own .reabank files. The Art of Reabanks - by joel Sampson. It is a PDF download.

To download the raw .reabanks, right-click and choose Save Link As. They are in plain pure ASCII text form. The Integra-7 collection has been archived together and you will need 7-zip or whatever utility you use to uncompress the files.


E-mu ProFormance Plus module reabank.


Korg O5R/W module reabank.


Roland D-05 Synth reabank. New!

Roland Lucina AX-09 Keytar Synth reabank.
Roland Integra-7 rack module, three reabanks in a zip file. Note the collection is a zip archive.
Roland Fantom XR rack module reabank.
Roland Juno-D 61-key Keyboard reabank.
Roland Juno Stage 76-key Keyboard reabank.
Roland RD-700sx 88-key Keyboard / MIDI Controller reabank.
Roland SC-880 rack module reabank.
Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas module reabank. This was the first Sound Canvas.
Roland SC-880 rack module reabank.


Yamaha Motif Rack ES rack module reabank.
Yamaha PLG150 DX DX-7 board reabank.
Yamaha TG100 sound module reabank.
Yamaha VL70-m sound module reabank.
Yamaha XG Generic banks reabank. It also works with the S-YXG2006LE GM Soft Synth. New!

Free MIDI Drum Patterns

I also have a set of several hundred MIDI drum patterns available, now a free download. They are in General MIDI format. I sold thousands of them worldwide for $30 and $40. It's at another of my web sites,